Ruby Roulette's

Live Performances

Take a look at a few of my past acts! Many of these were created, developed and performed during my time as a troupe leader and member of the Cincinnati-based Smoke & Queers burlesque, drag and performance art troupe from 2019-2021. 

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*no xxx content (pasties and g-string are as far as I go here)



"I Like That" - Bi Pride

"I Like That" & "Make Me Feel" Janelle Monae

Photos by Harp Digital Media

(Los Angeles)

Smoke & Queers

"Slumber Party"

American Woman duet w/Prinze Valentino

Sandra-Dee group piece (Rizzo)

Lazy solo w/hoop

Photos by Emily Palm | Graphic by Amy Minham

Smoke & Queers



Graphic by Christina Coobatis

Rachel Rampleman and Smoke & Queers

"Rebel Revel"

Not Your Mama solo

Frenemies duet w/Cherry Taylor

Photos by Jay Bachemin and Eric Deller

Meander Festival

(Czech Republic)


Never Let Go with FattyMa Cous Cous & Sassy Sparkles - choreographed by FattyMa Cous Cous

Make Me Feel solo

Photos by Ana Solcova and Lee Jones