The Hoop & The Tease

                                                        is an initiation into your Divine Sexuality using the adult-sized Hula Hoop and

the Art of the Tease - Burlesque!

Find sensuality in hoop dance, learn empowering choreography, and fall in love with your body in The Hoop & The Tease. Inspired by my training in Elemental Hoop Dance and HoopYogini™, my experience as a Burlesque Performance Artist, and my journey into the Divine Feminine, this workshop is your invitation into radical self-acceptance through creative expression. Rewrite your relationship with shame and declare yourself a gorgeous, sexual being on your own terms.

Experience The Hoop & The Tease in virtual form as a three-part 30-minute masterclass in The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a Membership Portal for Space Holders, Educators and Conscious Leaders with weekly live classes, monthly online retreats, resources & community activations to keep your cup overflowing as you serve the world.

Sexual energy is part of your life force - it is creative energy, fountain of youth energy, pleasure energy, intuitive energy.

Many aspects of the modern world act to suppress this energy and prevent us from living fully and joyfully. By learning to be soft, to listen to and receive the innate wisdom of our bodies, to align with our cyclical nature, to find pleasure in our everyday experience, and to prioritize creativity and flow, we honor the Divine Feminine and invite balance into a hyper-masculinized world.


Through cultural conditioning and trauma, we may have learned that these avenues of expression are unsafe or shameful. We may keep ourselves small and ignore our boundaries out of fear or feel overcome with anger in response to the treatment of the Earth and her people.


Through cultivating sacred sexuality and embracing artforms like hoop dance and burlesque, you can flow toward radical self-acceptance and joyful self-expression.


*Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine are energetic roadmaps and are NOT associated with gender or sex. This workshop is open to anyone, regardless of gender identity, who wants to cultivate Divine Feminine energy.