Grounded Alchemy

This class is all about going with the flow and being kind to the body.  It is intended to be a fun, easy entry point to deepened awareness and gently guided healing, moving and awakening the spine and releasing any stagnant energy as we do so.  I generally root our Saturday morning practice in the Spinal Awakening Series™ and add elemental invocation, poetry, dance, or whatever else feels groovy in my soul that week.  It is an alchemical dance of inspiration.  This series is spontaneous and malleable, I use my intuition to determine the direction of each class.  Sometimes that means slow and gentle liquid movement, sometimes its a hot and sexy dance party!  


No hoop or yoga experience required.  See you on the inter web!

Classes are held on Instagram LIVE @hoopyruby every Saturday at 11am EST.  Full class will be posted here for the week.  Join me on Instagram next Saturday for the live class or check back here for the post!


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