Smoke & Queers

"Slumber Party"

American Woman duet w/Prinze Valentino

Sandra-Dee group piece (Rizzo)

Lazy solo w/hoop

Photos by Emily Palm | Graphic by Amy Minham

Smoke & Queers



Graphic by Christina Coobatis

Rachel Rampleman and Smoke & Queers

"Rebel Revel"

Not Your Mama solo

Frenemies duet w/Cherry Taylor

Photos by Jay Bachemin and Eric Deller

Smoke & Queers

"Drag Rush"


with Prinze Valentino, Cherry Taylor

and Astor Wilde

Photos by Catie Viox

Smoke & Queers


Photos by Eden Estes and others

Who are Smoke & Queers?

Smoke & Queers is a queer-led, co-ed burlesque, drag, and performance art troupe that encourages all weird and wild expressions of self, gender, identity, and sexuality. As a budding nonprofit arts organization, our mission is to help connect and unify the LBGTQ+ community in Cincinnati (and beyond!) and to create a space where those outside the typical standard of beauty come to feel sexy, celebrated, and empowered. Ruby is a founding member and dedicated troupe leader of Smoke & Queers!

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